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UC as a Service

UC, or Unified Communications is the amalgamation of different methods of communication into a seamless, easy to use interface for the business user that makes it easy for them to stay in touch with their business contacts, customers clients and colleagues, wherever and whenever they need to. UC as a service means you simply pay for what you need each month and we look after everything.

UC provides the user with Voice Communications, Video Communications, Fax Communications, Email and Text Messaging, Conferencing, and Visual Call Control - all within an intuitive and easy to use graphical application.   The application can run on the user's PC or mobile device. UC can also encompass information transfer, collaboration, creation, presentation and consumption.

For the business owner, UC streamlines productivity, reduces communications costs and leverages mobile devices and infrastructure you already have.  UC is a natural evolution from legacy telephony and communications systems and is a logical fit for a cloud hosted environment, or in-house, or a mix of the two.

For the user, UC means less devices to carry, simpler ways to keep in touch and the convenience of working from anywhere. This allows staff to contribute more and maintain the all-important work-life-balance.

At BPS, we understand UC.  We've been pioneering UC solutions since 2002. Every one of the tens of thousands of extensions we have installed have been capable of, or upgradeable to UC.    Within our own organisation, we rely on UC to provide us with the freedom to work anywhere and stay in touch with full flexibility and low overheads.


Talk to us about how our managed UC solutions can benefit your business, whatever its size and geographical locality for a single fee per user, per month.

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