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GoToConnect is a fully featured Unified Communications service that provides any sized company with all the tools needed to conduct business from anywhere on virtually any communications device.  Developed by industry giant LogMeIn, and hosted on servers in Australia and around the world, the platform is secure, fast and reliable.

High quality Voice and Video calls along with ad-hoc and scheduled conferences (up to 150 participants and 25 video feeds) are easily managed incorporating screen sharing, file sharing and much more.   Built-in GoToMeeting lets you create a video meeting without needing to worry about the technology the remote parties have.   They can join from a mobile phone, a web browser or video room system.​

You can port in your existing phone numbers and connect to the service via smart-phone app, desktop computer or physical telephone.  Your monthly service fee includes virtually all your calls including International to 50+ countries.   You can purchase handsets up front or add them to your monthly service fee.

Integration with other applications such as Salesforce, Google Contacts, Teams, Zoho and more is available for further increasing your team's professionalism and productivity.

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