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On Premise Systems

There's still a large number of businesses that don't benefit from moving voice to the cloud.   These are typically larger organisations where the bandwidth links required to support the large number of users and concurrent calls are just not available, or difficult to cost-justify.  Similarly, businesses on a tight budget or those that like to capitalise their IT assets might find the total cost of ownership for hosted solutions too costly in the longer term. This is where on-premise PABX and UC solutions come into the picture.

On-premise simply means the hardware and software that runs the PABX and UC solution is running in your office rather than in a data-centre.  This doesn't limit the functionality you can leverage or the benefits available to the business and to the users.  

BPS can offer a range of on-premise systems from a variety of vendors.  We have done the research and compared many different brands to come up with a range that represents the very best in technology, reliability, value-for-money and ease-of-use.  We don't offer every brand on the market.  No one can.  But we only offer products that we know will do the job.

We can couple your on-premise solution to a number of Voice Over IP (VoIP) providers that we have partnered with because of their excellent rates, exceptional reliability and range of offerings.  Alternatively, if you prefer your existing VoIP provider or someone different again, our systems play nice with others who offer standards-based services.

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