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Hosted Systems

With Hosted Systems, the PABX is installed on a virtual-computer platform running in a Data Centre.    The DC could be one you already have, or with one of our hosting partners.

A WAN connects your hosted PABX to your business office locations.   The VoIP trunks are connected directly at the Data Centre to maximise voice quality.

Most of the phone systems we offer can be hosted.  Some provide a rental model so you can pay for the system as you go.  Typically you would purchase the phones and accessories up front, however we can also assist with finance options there too.

Hosting doesn't limit the type of solution you can implement, it just avoids you needing to worry about managing the system platform in-house.   You still get to manage the configuration and ongoing moves and changes yourself, or we can help with that too.

Talk to us about whether hosting makes sense in your environment.

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